Importation 3D Viewer to Roblox


Is that possible to import any models from 3D Viewer Windows to Roblox? As roads, etc? Would be nice! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Use a MeshPart, and upload your meshes from wherever you put your meshes.

Don’t steal things though, its better to make your own stuff in CSG

Note: You can only use one texture, it will corrupt if you do more than that unfortunately

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It’s not stealing if it’s free, so it’s actually perfectly fine.

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Yeah, but I was just telling him not to steal because that happens a lot on roblox already :frowning:

Hello, why would it be stealing?

I never said you were, I was just saying to not steal

sorry for the late reply I just went on a bike ride ;v

Oh, so they are able to steal which they may get banned on Roblox?

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This situation is unlikely if the model was free in the first place, but reselling it or claiming it as your own would lead to complications and likely punishment.

As for my response to the original post - if you’re using meshes that have been published to Microsoft’s 3D Viewer/3D Paint, you can use them but you should give credit. To do this, you’ll want to export it as a .obj or .fbx file, then upload it via a meshpart or the game explorer. Since Roblox mesh importation is capped at 10k tris, you may need to use another application such as Blender to reduce it.

Oh, which type of punishments? I never knew, I only know about things that could get banned from Roblox. xd

It depends on the original creator. They’ve likely used a Creative Commons license to make sure that their work remains safe while being used by others, although the specifics of this will vary depending on the creator. If the model is free, you should be able to use it without problems as long as you credit them. If you claim credit, or resell it, then Roblox will likely take action, and you may risk action from the original developer.

It’s better to just give credit for everything if you aren’t sure.

Okay, thank you. :slight_smile: Anyways, I will try my best. c:

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