Imported custom rig's mesh face and X axis are mirrored

When I import .FBX from Blender, the Rig’s Face and X coordinates are mirrored.


According to this video, the ak47_rig is mirrored (probably the X axis, the face of the mesh), but the meshes (new_ak47, arms) included in this rig look fine. But even this Contains 1 warning(s) is annoying.

Like the video, it works very well in blender too.

And I used this resource to export and import .FBX from blender into roblox studio.

(this is .FBX export settings from blender)
also i’m using blender 3.0.1

What could be the problem? Any help as quickly as possible would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

By the way, Sorry, I can’t provide a .blend or .FBX file here as this is for my game.

I think you can place an option within roblox studio on meshes, which allows you to render both sides of the mesh

I’m really sorry, it was my problem. i noticed that armature’s scale was negative…

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