Imported mesh have incorrect pivot

Hello, devs. Today, I tried to resize one of my meshes. But, I found big problem with it: Pivot rotation is somewhy rotated by 90 degrees by X axis. While it’s pretty easy to manually change or reset pivot, I got question: what I did wrong with mesh, if it have wrong pivot when importing? Every transform in blender was applied (so scale was 1, 1, 1; rotation was 0, 0, 0 and position too).

You probably need to check the WorldPivot.

Is it in blender? if yes, can you tell me, where I can find World Pivot?

This usually happens to me when I import using the 3D importer feature. My guess is that the axes are different from my 3D modeling software and Roblox studio.

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Using Roblox Studio, You know?
I used it mostly.
You can choose a model or parts.

In Roblox Studio, select your mesh, click on MODEL menu and you will see a button nammed “Edit Pivot”. You can now edit the pivot of the mesh. If you click on Reset, the pivot point will be in the middle of it.

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