Imported Mesh Lighting Issue?

So, I’m trying to import this simple helmet that I made for my group and every mesh I import (not just this one) has this weird lighting on it. The texture or the color will be a solid color but when I import it, it will look like this.
I don’t have this problem with unions or simple parts, but almost everytime I import a mesh this happens and it kind of ruins the effect of the mesh sometimes. Any idea what causes it/how to fix it?


What kind of lighting do you use? Not 100% sure, but it may have something to do with the lighting that’s being used. Again, not 100% sure.

I’m currently using Compatibility, but it also done this back with the Legacy lighting. I’ve experimented with different brightness settings and stuff and that doesn’t fix it either.

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I’ll be happy to help. Could you perhaps share the file of the mesh that you’re having issues with?

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KangHelmet.fbx (55.7 KB)

That’s the helmet and I just color it purple in the Studio.

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I’ve got the same results as you have, this weird light thing on the mesh. And the light is in the same position as the sun is in. I have no idéa whi it does this, but I think that the sun and moon is causing it.

P.S, I just changed the moon/sun’s location and the light spot switched position to where the sun/moon was.

I re-uploaded your mesh as a .obj file and I’m not able to replicate this problem. I tried removing doubles on Blender, and it appears it has none.


I’m not sure what the problem may be, whether it’s a lighting issue, something with how you modeled it, or how you’re placing it on the head. I also noticed the mesh is oddly small in Blender (and when imported to Roblox Studio), not sure if that may be a cause.

Out of curiosity, are you simply putting this on a rig’s head as of now or is this an accessory? Regardless, this should (?) work. Let me know if you have anymore problems.

Helmet.obj (90.1 KB)


Does this only occur on humanoids?

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Yes, apparently i does, @straphos .obj file also had the same issue. However, when I took away the humanoid the weird light glitch dissapeared.

Without the humanoid ^

EDIT: Re-added the humanoid

As an update, I have figured something out. It only happens when there is a head inside of it, which I’m actually pretty sure I’ve came across this bug in the past. However, we can rule off that there is nothing wrong with the mesh considering it happened with a regular Blender sphere that I imported.

Clearly there is something with the Roblox head that is causing the mesh to have this issue. I’m not sure what the cause may be, but there might be some other developers that may know.


This isn’t a problem with the mesh. It only does that because the mesh isn’t in the player. If you insert the helmet inside the npc, it will be fixed.


I’ve tested the mesh using it on NPC’s head and it does the same “shadow bug” to me too.

@Nosniy gave you a solution, which I didn’t test and I think it should work. However there is another solution to this.
It’s a fix with a Lighting. Go to Lighting in your Roblox Studio Explorer and look at it’s properties. Change the Technology to Shadow Map and it will work.

I don’t recommend using my solution, because of shading in the whole game, but if you don’t want to use helmets inside of NPC’s ( for some reason ), here is another solution as well.

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This topic has already been covered in my memory. It has to do with weird humanoid lighting. Take the helmet off the humanoid and it should look normal?

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It looks normal when you do that, yes. But as @Nosniy said you can put the helmet in the NPC and it will work as it should.

Thank you all very much, I’ve had this annoying big with a lot of the meshes I’ve imported and now I know how to fix it. Thank you.

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Yeah. The issue is how humanoids cast shadows onto nearby objects from what I remember, so if it’s a part of the humanoid it works and if it’s away from the humanoid it works. At least that’s what I remember, I apologise for not being clear.

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