Imported Mesh not appearing the same as in Blender

For a little while I have been trying to achieve many low poly tree leaves in a space with little effort. My Issue is that the mesh appearing differently in Roblox than it does in Blender.

How it looks in Roblox
Note that when imported I didn’t select invert negative faces, I did auto scale, and I didn’t select the option to place the part in the position it was in blender.

How it looks in blender


Current Material Settings

I’ve already tried looking for tutorials on how to make the Ico Sphere invisible but they give me the same result as I am currently dealing with. I have already tried importing with and without inverting the negative mesh faces.

If needed, I am on Blender version 2.91.2


It looks like you’re using Particles applied to an Icosphere. If you are, convert your Particles in Blender to a mesh (Google how), and ensure the Icosphere is deleted.

Additionally, I want to point out that using Particles is very much not low poly - in fact quite the opposite. It’s very high poly.

Low poly foliage is almost always done with Foliage Sheets. You should research how to make them if you don’t already know how :slightly_smiling_face: