Importer - Roblox importation

I’m very pleased to announce the release of Importer!

Importer is a plugin that imports given ID’S into your studio.

Importer features a small GUI and a load button with it to load it’s given ID.


You can insert an ID in the TextBox and click the LoadButton to load in your asset.


Here are some of the uses of Importer

  • Importing models that are not accessible by toolbox.
  • Importing caches[Still in beta/might not work].
  • Importation of a catalog items.

Get Importer now and boost your workflow

As always feel free to give feedback or suggest features or issues :grinning:


The model is not for sale. Also, how does this plugin catch errors such as when you require an asset that is not for sale or is paid?

Just by looking at the source (I got it before it went off-sale) it uses a pcall.

Great I suppose, but nobody can get it.

The plugin should be back up now. I closed the the plugin due to confusion of plugin importation but it should be up and running now!

This really bugs me, but great job.


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