Importing a R15 rig gets moderated and bans me

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1. I want to be able to import custom/R15 rigs without getting moderated or flagged for a ban.

2. I’ve been banned twice now while importing a rig from Maya, first ban was due to “Improper use of Roblox Systems”

  1. I’ve tried changing the names for meshes and joint names so that it’s more distinct and the wording would be more clear.

I am unsure if this is the proper place to post this, pressing the import button is like rolling a die that can possibly get me banned lol, I’m sure this comes down to a user error and I just am not importing the rig with proper naming conventions or what not, but I am unsure if this ban is related to that.

I am making FPS character arms for my game and I am somehow triggering moderation and getting banned. How can I be sure that my rigs won’t get me banned for just importing them? Is there a naming convention that is recommended?

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u aint banned
upload in an alt account so u don’t get banned/warned

This doesn’t solve the problem, this is just evading the moderation system.

Is it the mesh, or the Texture that is getting flagged? I would make sure the texture you are using doesn’t have any type of URL Watermark on it.

What’s strange is that I am not importing any images with the rig, I have no idea why it mentions the offensive item is a “Fridge_Unholster_Image”,

After reimporting the rig, the studio closed, and was given that warning message on the Roblox website (image in inital post)

This is what appears to have been ‘Rejected’ by moderation.

This is all that I am importing into Roblox, no images, no textures.
Its a partial R15 rig (follows R15 naming conventions) and a refrigerator rig attached.

Roblox automatically uploads a preview image of every item you create inside the images tab. Try using a thumbnail camera to create your own image.

When importing what setting’s are you using? Just I know sometimes it will try to upload Textures too it. Like shown here for a Sink Model:
So make sure that any Textures in the File your uploading are Disabled. Like remove them. Or, find the URL in the image it is referring too.

Hope this helps.

These are the settings, doesn’t seem to be uploading textures

has this workaround worked? Could there be an actual solution to prevent getting auto-modded?

It’s tempting, but I’m not sure if tricking/evading their moderation systems is a good idea…

It would be under the other side, like shown.

Yeah I climbed through the entire outliner and checked each object in the import window, did not see anything about textures unfortunately

You’re not banned, it’s just a warning.

Try using a different name for your asset. I’ve found that # is good as a name. Change the name once moderation is finished.

Aslong as it’s not inappropriate decal or model yeah