Importing Blender meshes to roblox with respective colors

I’m not exactly sure if this is the correct topic to put this post in, but recently I’ve been trying out modelling and I’ve come across a problem when specifically importing meshes:

When I try and import meshes to roblox, they can only be in one color/material

For basic meshes it could be fine, uploading separate parts with colors, but with more complex models like the one listed below, it becomes a pain uploading each part piece by piece, and setting each color instead of simply applying a mesh texture.

Original mesh:

Mesh in ROBLOX:

I’ve tried watching videos on how to ‘bake’ textures and such, while also done some research on the devforum, but I still haven’t quite grasped how to do it, if anyone could help me with this that would be great, (Please note that I’m a little new to modelling on blender still).

1st - Go to the shading workspace, next hit add an image texture then hit new. Name it whatever you want to and adjust the dimensions until u see fit and hit “ok”. Put the image texture in all of the materials (don’t connect them to anything). Remember to keep both the object and the material selected! Then in the properties tab, go to render properties image change the render engine to cycles and you will now see this bake option

Open it up and hit diffuse (for the basecolor) then turn off direct and indirect lighting and hit bake (remember that the dimensions of the original image you made will be the resolution of the image.) Then go to uv editor and save that image as whatever you want and boom you are done.

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