Importing custom rig and animation from Blender


I’m trying to import my animation(using a custom rig) into roblox. However, whenever I import the animation onto the rigged mesh, the mesh does not follow the armature, causing some of the mesh parts to play according to the animation, and some, not. I’ve tried literally every way I could think of to solve this issue however, nothing seems to be working. I’ve been using a sketchfab mesh(rigged via mixamo), in order to troubleshoot this issue therefore, if you have a solution, please attempt to have it work with this model: Puppet (rigged with Mixamo) - Download Free 3D model by SlagPerch 3D (@slagperch3d) [4956fe9] - Sketchfab .

P.S I am aware that most people use RigEdit, and create the rig in Studio to circumvent this issue however, this means that you cannot animate the model in other software(e.g Blender), and therefore, is a last option for me.

I’ve been attempting to find an answer to this issue for months, and there seems to be a strange lack of accurate information regarding this.

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Update: When I made my own model and rigged it, it works on the animation however, the mesh is deformed because of the Motor6ds. I have no clue how to fix this, there’s genuinely no information on this…

Can you perhaps copy and paste a few screenshots (with windows snipping tool) of how the first animation frame in blender looks vs in studio?

Sure. I’ll use the hand as an example, since it’s the most noticeable thing.

(In blender)

(In roblox) -No alterations, straight from import.

This is just a static T-pose, even without any animation and yet, you can clearly see the mesh deformation. When I disable the correspondent Motor6ds to the bone associated with the mesh part, it reverts to it’s initial shape however, it then creates a strange shadow.

The weights on the rig are either 0 or 1, therefore, it doesn’t make sense for meshparts in the model to be deforming like this. Also, I can’t change the orientation of the individual meshparts because Motor6ds does not allow it.

EDIT: I’ve been experimenting with my export settings, and I also tried editing my rig(resize, move etc.), while it does have an affect on the mesh, it doesnt help change orientation(which is the issue with the palm).

P.S I am still struggling with this issue(To the point where I’m commissioning people to help me with this, still, useless). If anyone who sees this has #bug-reports, then please do forward this post. I’ve tried making a rig in Roblox using RigEdit then exporting the rig into blender using cautioned’s plugin but, even when the rig is rebuilt, it loses the relation between bones and also, creates too many bones(it considers joints as bones). Meaning, I would have to rebuild the rig manually regardless. And then when I try and export the animation it simply doesn’t work(via the plugin).

EDIT: The issue was solved annoyingly easily. Roblox miscalculates the origin of everything when importing, causing it to be messed up therefore, apply all your transforms beforehand to assure the rig is intact