Importing into Roblox Studio with the same location from Blender?

I have not used blender for over a month and this was my first time running into this problem.

Whenever I import a model via “mesh part” which I exported from Blender the objects would not have the same positions it had from Blender. This had always worked before, whenever I export multiple objects from Blender they would have the same position it had from Blender into Roblox Studio.

Pictures as Example:
Model from Blender I exported as “obj.”

Model imported into Roblox Studio using mesh parts

I clicked yes for this menu, but the objects would still not have the same position.


Import via the game explorer window in studio. Export from blender as one fbx file


Make sure you separate all the parts, following up to what @fourpapa1 said.

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Make sure you apply the objects, rotation, transform, and scale in order to get them to import correctly.

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Have all meshes selected. Press Ctrl+A apply rotation, location and scale. Import, should solve the issue.
(A good tip is to make sure each meshes have the same origin point in blender as well. If they don’t, set all of them to the 3d Cursor)


So I applied rls and I set all of the model’s part’s origins to the same place and exported it as an fbx, but roblox imports it as separate meshes still… what am I doing wrong?

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You have the mesh in Blender as separate Objects. When you export all those objects into a single file (.fbx etc) Roblox will separate the meshes. Join the separate objects in Blender into one mesh then export it.