Importing Models with the Same Geometry

I am creating a game right now and one of the things we are focusing on is heavy optimization. This includes models being as low triangle count as possible.

One of the objects is a tank and for the track, because it’s hard to manipulate the tracks in studio, we want to model it in blender and then use the new importer to easily create the track without any issues.

Because of this, would it cause each of those parts to download alone causing more possible loading time?

I assume you’re trying to make each link of the track an individual meshpart? If so, don’t do this. Even if you have an exceptional low polycount for the track links altogether, the amount of moving parts will probably cause issues and definitely will reduce performance. They’ll definitely be an increased loading time because of all the extra unique meshparts.

You’re better off making the tracks be 1 meshpart altogether, especially if you’re focusing on heavy optimization and performance

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I think I know what you mean - that if you’re uploading two objects with the same geometry, will the objects have the same MeshId and take advantage of instancing? The answer is no, they will be treated like two separate meshes with unique MeshIds (unless that’s changed, correct me if I’m wrong).

Take the two cubes below for example:

If I upload both of them separately, they’ll have unique MeshIds and not be instanced, despite having the exact same geometry (in fact even if I uploaded the same mesh TWICE it won’t be considered the same).

Just think, if something has a different ID tag, it’s a unique asset. This includes TextureIds as well.