Importing OBJ doesn't work, yet as FBX does. Why?

Starting from yesterday whenever I import OBJ it gives out issues regarding it.
It doesn’t matter what name it has or what it has, as long as it’s a OBJ it does not work.

While then I import as FBX, it works fine for some reason.

The model for sure is not at fault for triangulation limit as it was lowered down in terms of faces down to mostly 2k and still does not let me import.

In case if it’s a bug,
I cannot report this to the bug-report category as I am not a part of it cause I’m only a Member level.

[ Settings ]
Blender 3.1.2

Default all,
De-selected OBJ Objects
Selected OBJ Groups

Default all,
Object types; Only Mesh

Does anybody know the issue or is struggling with this too? I’d appreciate feedback regarding this issue.


Found the issue, apparently some of the meshes when barely bigger/fattened can be denied.

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