Importing SketchUp building to Roblox, with textures?

I recently switched to SketchUp Pro for my building. I was wondering if there was a way to import the (let’s say house) with all its colors and textures directly into Roblox without making a bunch of mesh parts?


Hi, You can import your house mesh with texture ! For start, Be sure your mesh is not very big, It should make it gray. Make sure your mesh is not over 10K Triangles. Export it as a .obj file, then, go on your place, go on Workspace and add a MeshPart Then, Go on MeshPart Properties and click on the little colored file. Then, Put your model. If your Roblox Studio Lag, It’s normal, It’s the time of Importing. If the textures are not here, Try to ungroup your creation and import it part by part then, Texture it with your Textures (Add your textures to Roblox). You don’t have to save your Mesh in Roblox because directely after importing it, He will go on your Creations: Meshes. Ps: I recommend to use Blender ! It’s better and you have a lot of options !


Im already very comfortable with blender, however sketchup gives an edge with flexibility. The issue is that with sketchup, no texture blueprint is provided, hence you have to import every part one by one with their textures, thats too long.

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Ok. How many triangle your mesh have ?

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its way below 10 thousand so the import is fine, ive already imported the model into roblox using mesh and all, its just textures that i cant get a hold of in sketchup

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Can you send me a photo of your mesh in roblox studio

oh, wait, I found the blueprint to the texture and it works after converting. Thank you anyways :slight_smile:

No problem, Always a pleasure to help ! :grinning:


Hello, what if I want mesh to be coloured and being imported to Roblox?