Importing texture not working as expected

Background story
I started Creating some hat’s and I am trying to get into Texture Paint in Blender to paint the Hat’s.

Steps taken
I started by creating the 3D Hat Mesh and Colored the Hat with Texture Paint then I went ahead and saved The Unwrapped hat, to then upload it as a decal

In Roblox Studio

  • Inserted a Mesh part
  • Imported the Mesh that I saved as .fbx
  • Uploaded the decal
  • Inserted the decal Id in the mesh Property Texture Id

Saving Unwrapped hat

The Problem
The decal is not showing as expected as shown in Blender
What am I doing wrong?



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Did you export the mesh after applying UV

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Yes I exported the Mesh as .fbx after I added the UV

Under the material set the Base Color as ImageTexture and select your texture then try exporting it.

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I did as you said and that fixed it! I just exported the mesh only as .fbx and the UV was exported with it automatically

Thank you!! :grinning: