Importing UI assets into studio

Hi everyone. I mostly design UI through third party applications, mainly Clip Studio Paint. I’ve not tried yet but I’ve been wanting to import the assets into Roblox Studio, in the easiest way possible.

Is there any tips for this process? It’s a bit tedious having to upload assets to the Roblox website before being able to import them, but that’s the only way I know of so far.

This is the UI that I want to import.

Thank you for the help!

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Maybe you could “rip” the ui assets from the game.

Many people have already done this for many games. Probably for elden ring too you could probably find them online.

Or you could use that image and turn it into a spritesheet.

Using these properties on imagelabels:

These properties change what parts the imagelabel will show.
RectOffset = position of where to view on the image. (0,0) = top left corner of the image.
RectSize = size of rectangle to view. starts at (0,0). (0,0) of the rectangle is top left.

You could even just put that image into roblox and put invisible buttons and ui elements over that image to make it intractable.

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Thank you so much! I’ll definitely try this. I don’t need to rip the actual Elden Ring UI since the one in the image is one I made, so I already have all the individual assets. Thank you though!

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