Importing UI Help

I have recently created some UI’s that I am happy for that are going to be used as Sr. Admin v2 panel (More Info: SR Admin Panel // A Efficient Yet Powerful Admin Panel - #43 by AllabyAIIaby)

However I am struggling on finding out how to import these UI’s.

The Problems:

They have text that needs to be changed
Trying to scale for devices
And overall just trying to replicate the UI with the Studio Tools and making it an imageLabel on a frame isnt possible bc of The Text Thing.

I really need help lol.

All the UI:


Any help please.

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I am completely stuck on this please help. I have no clue how to do this fast

There could be a various different issues with importing a different kind of ui to change an already coded ui, for example:

  • position of ui
  • Name of ui
  • Size of Ui
  • Attributes of ui

Furthermore regarding the text problem, I suppose you just have to delete the text you have made from your ui and manually add ui within roblox,. That is the only solution I can think of I hope this solves your problem. :slight_smile:


That solution would work well actually, thank you so much!

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