Importing with textures

Hi, I am new to modeling so I apologize if the solution is simple but I am trying to import an Old Style TV I made with the textures. I watched this video Embed Textures with FBX but when I imported it its importing the meshes seperatly and the cylanders and the main body wont import which so far are the only things textured. The screenshots are below:


Try using regular import instead of bulk import.

Where do I find regular import?

Does the mesh not get imported, or the textures?

It says error importing for the meshes that I textured so its the meshes that dont get imported.

Then it’s probably a problem that has to do with just the mesh. Try renaming them, sometimes Roblox doesn’t let you import meshes with names that are filtered.

Its just named cube and stuff like that that are basic. And all the other parts get imported its only the ones that are textured

Just tried renaming everything repacking the textures and exporting and importing and it still didnt work for only the textured mesh.

Create a meshpart in the workspace, click on it’s properties, and where it says mesh Id click the folder.

Well, seeing as how you can upload non-textured meshes maybe try uploading the meshes that give you the error without textures. Then all you would have to do is upload the image textures separately from the meshes and apply them in Studio.

The issue is I am using Blender’s format for texturing so I have intricit details such as tiny wood scratches that come with the texture and I dont think Roblox has that feature.

Well, if I’m getting this right, and you don’t have your textures baked to an image texture that might be the issue. I’d suggest baking the textures you want with a high resolution to capture the details.

How would I go about doing that? I would like to keep the model 1 peice if possible while also having different textures where it would make sense.

There’s tons of videos on youtube, there’s a Grant Abbit video floating around that I recommend.

But basically, the process involves creating a separate UV layout with all the parts you want to be seen on it. Then set it to be the active render (this is to tell Blender to bake all the desired parts to a single map, assuming everything is textured separately) and then baking everything into one central image texture. The video should explain it more, and if you’re having trouble understanding it, a quick skim through the user-manual should remedy this.
Anyways, good luck and great work keep it up!