Impossible Gaps Appearing?

A lot if not all of the Builders using Roblox Studio have experienced this same issue where you will get these incredibly small gaps between parts that shouldn’t be there. Like take what happened to me for instance, I have set the increment to 1 studs -


And yet when I move parts around, maybe resize them a little and stack them, this occurs -

These super tiny gaps between the parts that by all means should have been impossible but yet it happens. What I want to know is if Roblox will every fix this issue or maybe if there is at least a way around it? It makes building really frustrating for me and even completely ruins a build that I spent hours on, Why? Because there are these random lines on the walls/floors or even both sometimes. I know that this issue is moderately new because I do remember when I never had to worry about this happening to me before.

(I encourage you builders who have dealt with this to Like this post and maybe Roblox will realize how many people this is affecting)


You can look at the position/size values for small decimals, then simply put the snap scale to that decimal number and move/resize one of the parts. Plugins like ResizeAlign can also help as a much quicker alternative to this.

I know that may work for some people but spending 10 minutes every time this happens trying to line up that 0.0053247 gap between the parts will be horrible.

You could just add that number up in the size then, or subtract that on the Y axis.

Easy fix! Drag the red part up, and then turn on Collisions. Then, drag the part back down onto the surface of the blue, and the gap should go away.

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Similar to Cubic’s suggestion, you can find the difference between the height of the two bricks and move them closer together by the same increment. If, for example, the difference between their height’s are 0.0056 then you can just move one toward the other by an increment of 0.0056.

I have experienced this before and it’s annoying, but the fix is somewhat easy. I generally make sure to place my first blocks on integer coordinates, I think that may help.

I forgot why it happens but I just use stravant’s resize-align to fix them

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That works sometimes, but I have had times where I tried to do this, but the gap must have been so small it was still there.

Your studio quality is too low. Max it out and it should be gone.

that has nothing to do with this issue…

You could just do some subtraction and line it up that way. Also, if the parts were arranged in a different increment, for example, .1 and you begin to increment them by 1 stud, if you moved the 2 parts with a .1 increment and they are then incremented with 1 stud the amount moved with .1 won’t be changed.

starts at 1.00, gets moved with .1 increment by .1 of a stud. The new position on X-axis: 1.10.
still at 1.10 gets moved with 1 stud increment by 1 stud. The new position on X-axis: 2.10.

Therefore, for as long as you use 1 stud increment, the part will always be .10 of a stud from the surface of a part that gets dragged with 1 stud increment only.

This is a common mistake that occurs even with experienced builders, that can simply just be caused by forgetting to turn the stud snapping option on when dragging parts. Other than that, I noticed that the edges of the 2 parts were very jagged, and if edit quality isn’t turned all the way up things start to render differently. It may be perfectly fine, but is just not rendered as such. If your numbers show that the parts are lining up, then they most likely are.

When you clearly know the issue, why you ask for help?

Because the user doesn’t know how to resolve the issue. As such, don’t waste their time by leaving unconstructive advice or off-topic statements that don’t solve the problem as a reply.

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no your not understanding, I moved those without changing it at all 1 studs the entire time and even turned up graphics all the way still did it.

Well at this point, is it a issue that really effects your game? If not, you could just move on. If you really don’t want it to be seen, makes sure its even visible as a player first. Load up the game in Roblox player and check to see if you can see it.

You can see it, I have some SCP hallways that are really nice until you start to see those super tiny gaps there because of this issue.

So I’ve had this issue before. What you do and drag it onto the top part to and if that doesn’t work drag the bottom part onto the base plate then drag the top part onto that.

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So far I think that this is the best work around out there but I wish Roblox could get rid of the issue entirely.


I have yet to encounter this problem, but I’m glad you found a solution. I’ll probably check here when I encounter the problem, to see if I can retrace and recrate how it happened