Impossible Script Builder

Currently, my script builder is more a WIP and a showcase, than an actual SB:

Localscripts do run, but they aren’t sandboxed at all.
(Up to the point where you need F9 to see the output)

Some information that could potentially blow your mind:
[li]My sandbox blocks all forms of kicking anyone that I know of (including the Remote stuff)[/li]
[li]It does not use a VM (virtual machine) or anything to do with bytecode or AST[/li]
[li]I can stop almost any infinite loop, including ones that use pcall and other stuff[/li]
[li]There are some limits: string.rep has a limit, max amount of running threads or threads that never ran[/li]
[li] ^ custom string metatable without using VM. Lua magic on its best, people.[/li]
[li]All players see the Thread Monitor, which displays information about threads serverside[/li]
[li]Clicking the stacktrace in your output window will open the code in a new GUI of where it errored[/li]
[li]The commandbar has a command history, like in studio: use up/down arrows to use it[/li]
[li]Has basic protection against certain stuff, for example output spam[/li]
[li]Nobody can break out: it’s 100% unbreakable or bypassable (clientside not sandboxed yet)[/li]
[li]There is a custom require for created scripts: require(player,“script”) or require"playername/script"[/li]
[li] ^ [size=2]You can only require created scripts after flagging them as modulescripts using ms/name/[private/public][/size][/li]
[li]Has the same commands as in oxcool’s/Voidacity’s SB, except some missing g/ commands (like ball)[/li]

I ran this code for example:
This results in a small stacktrace, which I clicked for both entries:
(Showing the “clicking stacktrace to see errored code” feature here)

And the other entry (and yes I will add syntax coloring sometime):

[li]LocalScripts aren’t sandboxed in any way yet: You are not fully protected yet![/li]
[li]For the record, I have nothing against any other Script Builder or any people affiliated with them.[/li]
[li]SB could break for a few minutes when I’m trying out new advanced stuff. (new output transfer etc)[/li]
[li]All mentioned features (except syntax coloring) were working when this thread got created.[/li]
[li]I’m not responsible for any damage done to your GPU, CPU, eyes or anything aside from that.[/li]

[size=1]Totally not shameless advertising of unfinished stuff[/size]