Impressions just nose dived

My game just released about 2 weeks ago for free access. Since then this game has BOOMED up to 5,500 players over the weekend. However, ever since I made a game description change over the weekend, the impressions on the game has absolutely nose dived. It’s practically nothing now compared to where it was.

I’m at an absolute loss for words. We were doing so good, getting a lot of positive feedback and positivity from our community, and then out of the middle of nowhere our game just drops off the edge of the earth. We’re lucky to be pushing just under 3,000 players.

My only guess is BECAUSE of that description change. All I did was shorten it a bit and add “Like the game for a chance at new item codes!” (since we drop item codes for like milestones). Can someone please help me figure out what to do to fix this? I’m desperate.


well, change it back to the previous description then