Improbable Battles Update List

This list consist of the various updates in the game, and the added game items or whatso is added. The date will be added to each list. It also includes details like player badges.

If any more versions or updates occur, their details will be stated here (it is possible to have an outdated update list, be aware of that).

Version 0.0.1


– Version 0.0.1 is the Alpha testing version for Improbable Battles, and the first version of the game. This version is free to play, and free private servers are allowed to be created. Any player who joins within the period of Alpha testing is rewarded with the Alpha Tester Award. After the Alpha testing period, it will no longer be accessible to earn.
The game consists of 3 maps: Island Invasion, Riverside Siege, and Frontier Entrenchment.
The game consists of 6 nations and/or empires.

– February 19th, 2022