Improper Keyframes in Animations

Hey Devs and potentially interns/employees, I have a pickle for you,

I made an animation of a human crawling backwards, to the right. The animation, when played, looks like the first one below. This is pretty jerky. You’ll notice the torso changing rotation/position in a jumpy fashion throughout. I didn’t set the torso to be this way in the keyframes.

To fix this, I go through and find where these rogue keyframes are, select the torso, and then just give the torso a little touch so a keyframe is created, and suddenly it looks like the second animation below. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug in the Editor? It’s just a minor nuisance now, but anyone just getting into animation will have a major problem figuring out what’s wrong and trying to fix it, like I did when I was first starting.

I would love to know how to prevent this. This has happened so many times to me.

Can you explain the structure of the rogue keyframe? Does it have a bunch of poses in it, or just one, etc? This is definitely a known bug but I’ve had a hard time reproducing it.

I can’t make any guarantees but try this:

  • 1 second looped animation
  • 1 keyframe every 0.25 seconds where all body parts are manipulated
  • make a keyframe anywhere between any of these manipulating only one limb

This is usually what produces the bug for me; a bunch of large key frames with a tiny, 1-part key frame in between.

There’s no known way to prevent this, but you can negate it by going to every key frame you have and giving the UpperTorso and LowerTorso (or just the Torso for R6) a little touch so they’re also part of the keyframe