Improper puncuation on default place names


His name ends with an ‘S’, so therefore it should say DivineAndroxus' Place Number: 10
This happens for every user with a username ending in an ‘S’.


Wouldn’t this be considered as a “Feature Request” rather than bug report, since I’m assuming that the intent was to put an 's after the name no matter the name?

True, I guess.

I think it could fit in either.

  • your title has a typo
  • s’s is correct english, and so is s’
  • if you want, you have the ability to move the thread if you go to edit it

This was covered in my University’s english class a few weeks ago. We had to use “Saunders’s essay” in our essays, because it is correct.

Why? Is it the pronunciation?

If I’m not mistaken here is why it is incorrect:

The Dog’s Bone – Singular Dog
The Dogs’ Bone – Multiple Dogs

Names’s Toy – One Names (just go with it)
Names’ Toy – Multiple Names…?

I’m only working on an 11th grade English scale, so obviously I could be wrong, but this is the rule I’ve usually gone by.


Ah, true.
Forgot about that.

English is such a broken language lol

Yeah, that’s why I’m taking Latin lol.


DivineAndroxus is one person.
If there multiple wouldn’t it be DivineAndroxi?

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That really depends on the word lol

-us is the nominative 2nd declension singular latin ending.
-i is the nominative 2nd declension plural latin ending.

Latin is a dead language, thus we don’t really follow their rules anymore - in addition to this, you’re talking about a name, we don’t change people’s name if there are multiple of them like we did in latin.

Singular: Aurelia
Plural: Aureliae
Singular: Cornelius
Plural: Cornilii

Singular: Mark
Plural: Marks
Singular: Tom
Plural: Toms

[cc: @EmeraldSlash]

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