Improve Accessibility Options for Studio Widgets

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to see the Explorer and Properties widget. My screen uses a standard 1920x1080 resolution, and is 27" wide. A relatively standard size for modern monitors.

There is a lot of information to be viewed in the Explorer, and a lot of pencil-thin text. I use dark-mode to enhance the contrast (because I work both long and late hours), and because I am near-sighted. Even with my glasses on and my screen closer than the recommended distance to my face, I have difficulty not just reading, but interacting with widgets that aren’t zoom-able. This has to be an issue for ultrawide monitors, too. I don’t want to crank my neck and squint to see what I’m working on.

We can zoom in/out on the Output widget and in ScriptDocuments, change the various fonts and weights that they use - but not any other widget that I can think of. The size of text in those two widgets are almost always at least two or three times larger for me to work comfortably.

It would really benefit me if I had the control to just make the buttons that I click on in these widgets, larger to help prevent actions like misclicks and accidentally dragging.

The counterpoint to these issues is to undock the widget and move it somewhere more economical, but I often don’t have the space on my screen to do so. I need to see what I’m working on, too, after all. This counterpoint also doesn’t solve the actual issue, which is that the text is just too small & too thin. There aren’t settings for us to be able to change the font and weighting that the widgets use besides the two that were mentioned.

Not every widget has to have zooming, but widgets whose elements number many and who are used most heavily, like Explorer and Properties, should have some closer attention paid to them with regard to ease of use.

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