Improve asset publish workflow - especially for animations

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to export assets to the Roblox website.

It has been always been tedious, but a recent change has made it worse. The “Publish to Roblox”/“Save to Roblox” workflow now requires the asset type to be reselected for each asset.

Currently, if I want to submit a change to an animation, this is my workflow:

  1. Click publish to Roblox
  2. Select “Animation” in the dropdown & click next
  3. Click “Overwrite an existing asset”
  4. Select the group/individual the animation was saved under from the dropdown menu
  5. Paste the animation ID into the filter box & select the animation
  6. Submit & close

I have to navigate through several menus and click 10+ times for something that should be possible with a single click. This makes batch uploads very tedious and prone to mistakes (forgetting a dropdown or misclicking).

Some ways to improve asset uploading:

  1. Replace the asset type menu with dropdown boxes on the other menus

  2. Automatically infer the asset type based on the selection being uploaded and preselect the relevant dropdown option
  3. Keep the last selected group/individual selected so it doesn’t have to be reselected each time
  4. Update the animation editor with an option to directly update the asset if one was imported

Thanks for your consideration!