Improve character quality in blender with simple steps

This post is for new GFX Artists to help them improve the quality of their arts in the future.

I won’t take about how to make a simple gfx because many people did already, I will show you how to improve the quality of the render you are making.

You may already know about the process of making a character render, you first have to export the model and textures from roblox and then import them to blender. But for most renders people will use R6 rig type, and in Roblox R6 character’s texture has very low quality.


In studio (left) and when imported to blender (right)

image image

As you can see the quality is awful and you can even count the pixels.

How to fix this?

First when you exported your character, you will get a list of texture of your character listed from 1 (Example: kiirafx1tex.png; kiirafx2tex.png; kiirafx3tex.png) You need to find the texture with the biggest numbered texture (In this case is kiirafx3tex.png).
Second step is to find one Image enhancing website, there are many of them but I will take as an example. (This is not an ad btw)
First time coming to this site you wanna click “Try for free” button (as shown)

Then you will sign up for a free account and you will have 5 tokens to use the service (You lose one token for every enhanced image, you can create new accounts and keep using it for free but I don’t recommend it, doing this just to support the creator of this) After done signing up you will be brought to a main menu which has this box sitting right on top of the page.
You can either drag, browse or import the biggest numbered texture I told you to find earlier, wait for it to upload and on the right side of your screen you will see this Operations Box. Keep the settings like shown and click "Start processing"

Now things will take a while and you wait for 1 minutes or more. Now scroll down and you will see something like this in the “PROCESSED IMAGES” section
Now you just click the download icon and apply it to your character!

Here is my result for example.

(My eyes look a little weird because the texture was so pixelated that the website couldn’t fix it)
You can see the result turned out to have more sharpness and less pixelated. Now you just add you accessories and start making a beautiful looking and detailed artwork!

I hoped this post helped you and thanks for reading!


See, this is why I don’t like to use it sometimes because the small little white area of the eye is missing after it’s being enhanced. But interesting tutorial I guess.


Ah yes, this method work best for the classic faces which ever got everything black and no small details. For detailed faces I can just use the face from R15 texture

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I tried to figure out different ways to improve this , but this is the best method i have ever seen :+1:


Is there a free method? I mean, you can only do 5 with this way.

There are also many free websites but I recommend letsenhance