Improve Lua Syntax Highlighting

The Syntax Highlighting for Lua is pretty awful for being Roblox’s coding language.

This is a pretty basic codeblock, using ```lua


for i, v in ipairs(game.Workspace:GetChildren()) do
    game.Workspace.Part:Destroy() --bye
    local test ="Part")
    test.Parent = workspace
script.Parent.PreloadServiceAdminPanel.Main:TweenPosition(,0,1,0), Enum.EasingDirection.Out, Enum.EasingStyle.Quad, 15, true)

That’s an extremely basic codeblock, but almost none of it is syntax highlighted, besides the strings, numbers, and print and ipairs.

For Lua being Roblox’s main language, I think that it should be highlighted much more than it currently is.


Great suggestion. Though I’m not sure how many people actually need this. Like @ValiantWind once said, would you rather have this update, or Roblox staff work on resuming promotions to regular? Idk, just my thoughts. Also, what suggestions to be highlighted do you have?


I do see some use for it, I dont have studio open sometimes and when I go to help in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support or something, I can get confused because I really rely on autocomplete to do most stuff, and this would greatly help me.

Also, just a crazy theory, but staff have been talking about regular promos a bit more than usual lately, I think they’ve found something and wanna integrate it soon.
I’m probably wrong, but hey, that’s just a theory, a FORUM THEORY!!

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Makes sense

Pixlz a conspiracy theorist confirmed???111!!!1!


Well, this feature actually has use cases unlike Banners, but in the end its up for the admins to decide :slight_smile:


You’re right. Banners would be cool, but this actually has a use.


Thank’s for the feedback! What would you like the code blocks to look like instead? More like the DocSite?


Something like the DocsSite would be cool.

Also, mayyyyybe it could sync with our Studio Settings and get the colors from there? That’s pretty unlikely, and would require much more work, but it would be cool.


This is not Roblox’s fault. Devforum uses discourse which made the code blocks look garbage.

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I know that, I was just suggesting that Lua be better in specific.

Luau is also a problem, many luau features are not implemented in code blocks


Hey! I was reading through Meta and found this theme component that I think would work well to improve it.

Not really, I don’t like DocSite highlighting, it’s still lacking lots of colors. Here is my suggestion for the themes:

Dark+ (default dark theme in VS Code)


Default (default dark theme in Roblox Studio)


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I personally like VSC better, I dont like the default studio colors.

Yes, this is a great idea, it will make code in the devforums look much better.

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I apologize for necroposting, but I didn’t want to make a new thread when two existing threads were already made. I chose this one as it’s more recent than the 2021 thread. I don’t see any conclusive response to this other than LuaCow asking for the type of coloring, and I have yet to see any forum changes in relation to this yet.

While not a high priority by any means, I assume that editing a syntax color format is relatively easy. All I’d like is the same or similar syntax highlighting/coloring that Studio has.