Improve microprofiler documentation

The DevHub page for the Microprofiler is extremely lacking in usage and interpretation instructions.

The bulk of information on this page is hidden behind videos that mostly explain things I already know. Please extract the information from these videos and put it directly on the page so I can find it without scrubbing through three videos.

The custom profiling labels section also links to a dead page on “debug.profilebegin”.

Further, please add more detailed usage instructions. For example:

  • How to enable “Detailed mode”.
    • What the most prominent profiler labels mean or correspond to, and that hierarchical regions exist.
      Eg. image is a hierarchical region.
  • How to use other microprofiler modes (Eg. Timers, Counters).
  • How to save a microprofiler dump, and where the dump is saved on both PC and Mac.
    • I don’t use Mac so when I need to tell someone in Post Approval how to create a dump, we always get hung up on where to find it. I shouldn’t need to relearn how to do this every time I’m helping someone.

This old GitHub repo for the microprofiler doesn’t even contain any of this information in an accessible way, so the only way to figure out how to use this thing is through scattered forum posts or tedious videos.