Improve Shadow Rendering

As a Roblox developer, it is nearly impossible to make a indoor space completely dark because of the techology that Roblox runs on, which I’ve been told is voxel 4x4x4 so that would be where the issue is as it would mean that anything that is thinner then 4 studs on any side would let light leak through and not look all that great and this issue is the same for Global shadows and ones from dynamic light sources.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience and many others as they have to thicken all their walls which causes for a lot of work to be done to make it look nice and sometimes not even possible because of how it would look on the exterior, for example a event hall or a performance theatre. I propose that in the lighting section we get an option to set how thick a part is for it to show a realistic shadow so we can fine tune it for our games and be able to save processing power on the clients end now, speaking of client, I would recomend that the technology is scalable as in if the client has their graphics set to 1 then it will forcefully use 4x4x4 but say if they go above 5 the technology will slowly scale down to say 1x1x1 as the dev has set it.
Anyways I’m hoping to hear back about this on weather it is possible as I know that the technology needs to be cleared for Xbox.


As of right now there are already graphical options available that work better to prevent light from leaking through thin surfaces.
I recommend going to Lighting through the explorer in your game and changing the property “Technology” in your properties window to “ShadowMap” instead of “Voxel” or “Compatibility”.
This option looks much better for stopping sunlight from passing through thin walls, and support for things like point lights and spotlights is said to be coming soon.


If you’d like to read more about this technology and how it works (and effects performance) you should read this article.


Thanks for the reply but I should of really re-worded my request, currently, no matter what technology is being used, light leaks in through blocks that are less then 4 studs in width or height, dependent on what your building, and I do know how the technology works but right now it needs to be so a part with any width or height will stop light leaking through here is an example:

And this is with shadow map on, this is nothing to do with what is being used this is to do with the fact that the voxel 4x4x4 needs to be updated to work with any width or height.


This will be addressed in FIB 3. One of the main points of that incoming update were light leaks in corners. What you can currently try is increasing the thickness of each part as you said that the voxels are 4x4x4, meaning that 4 studs thick parts won’t let any light through.