Improve standardization in category layout

The devforum currently contains 7 categories. Of these
3 do not support posting in the top level and list their sub categories.
2 do not support posting in the top level and do not list their sub categories.
1 supports posting in the top level, but does not list its sub category which you cannot post in.
1 supports posting in the top level and has no sub category.
This is confusing and far more difficult to navigate then necessary. My suggestion to resolve it is as follows.

Split forum feedback into two sub categories, discussion and feedback. Put Devforum discussion under the discussion category, and Devforum feedback under the platform feedback category.

Add a new sub category called Development Discussion in the Discussion catagory and migrate the content in the top level to the sub category.

Make it so all categories list their subcategories when clicked on.

I have no clue what the lock in front of Discussion, Forum feedback, and Cool creation means, but a similar feature could be useful to show what kind of posting permissions one might have in the category(ie. lock= none, astrix = post approval, nothing = full)

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Displaying subcategories differently for different categories seems super inconsistent. Hopefully this gets fixed(? not sure if this is intended) soon.

Just so you know, that means it’s not publicly visible to Visitors on the forum. The lock is also on categories not visible to new members, so it basically just means it’s a private category.


Those seem like really random sections to keep out of the public view, but thank you for the information.

Discussion is locked to members+ for quality assurance of developer discussion you could say. But a new member can get a post/reply up there through the post approval system.

Forum feedback is invisible to people that aren’t even new members. Why cool creations is locked is beyond me.