Improve the accuracy of the developer hub's search function and make it less restricting

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too difficult to find the right documentation using the developer hub’s search function. This is because the search functionality has a few factors that may prevent the right methods, properties and so on from showing up in the search results.

Factor 1: Capitalization influences results
If you do not capitalize your search correctly, you may not find what you are looking for. Below is an example of searching for setstateenabled versus SetStateEnabled.

Notice how the search result only shows up when the method is capitalized correctly. If you do not capitalize your search, no results will show at all.

Factor 2: Multi-word inconsistencies
Some properties, methods and classes exist out of multiple words stitched together. When looking for such terms the search function may sometimes ‘remember’ or ‘forget’ a result halfway through typing out your search. Below is an example of the GetVelocityAtPosition method being ‘forgotten’ halfway through typing it out.

Here, writing either GetVelocity or GetVelocityAtPosition will correctly return the method, but somehow GetVelocityAt does not work, despite GetVelocity working.

Factor 3: Popular properties may be overshadowed by less related articles
Some properties that have many related APIs may simply not show up at all unless specifying the class they belong to. One great example is the PrimaryPart property. Typing in that property will not return the Model.PrimaryPart property at all.

Specifying the class in front however does return the correct result.

I do not expect articles such as ‘Pivot Tools’ and ‘Model:GetBoundingBox’ to take priority over simply the ‘PrimaryPart’ property in this case. There are many more properties such as ‘Transparency’ that will not show the documentation for BasePart.Transparency.

Closing thoughts
In its current state, the search function of the developer hub is very hit-or-miss when it comes to searching for documentation on properties and methods. I have not looked into searches for classes, data-types and others, but I expect that these may also suffer from the aforementioned search functionality quirks. Remembering that you need to capitalize your search or that you need to put the class of a property in front usually helps mitigate these issues. However, you would have to be aware of this search behavior and users may often not know the right class a property or method belongs to.