Improve the Coloring tool

One reason why I haven’t been back on ribbon bar studio is the coloring tool does not allow you to simply color bricks.
I haven’t used ribbon bar in over a month, but I remember you could not click on the color bucket, then on another brick, the only way to color a brick was to select the brick then either change it through the drop down menu in Properties or do it with the paint bucket button.

Keep the old coloring tool, and even add a new functionality to it. If you click on a brick it will color the brick, then every time you mouse over another unlocked brick, it will continue to color all the bricks you mouse over. This would make recoloring things very easy, no need to manually color certain bricks, no need to select all the bricks through the explorer then color them through the properties drop down menu. It would be a simple click and drag to color unlocked bricks.


I’ve taught a couple of people who haven’t even touched Studio before how to use it, and they were having a lot of difficulty with the Ribbon Bar, but when I switched them over to SystemMenu, they said it was a whole lot easier. I haven’t used Ribbon Bar since it was first released, but IIRC, it’s a huge mess. I think it needs to be refined. The whole purpose of it is to make it easier to use, and people who haven’t even touched Studio before (neither used Ribbon Bar or SystemMenu) find SystemMenu easier to use. Something isn’t right here :uhhh:

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Am I the only one who prefers Ribbon Bar over System Menu any day of the week?

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No sorry, I too use RibbonBar only. Launching servers is so easy with it.

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I love Ribbon Bar but holy hell the paint bucket tool it has is awful.

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I tried going back to the system menu and it just feels so cluttered and unorganized I especially like having the separate plugins tab and the dandy server launcher.

On topic: I do miss the old behavior, really what the paint bucket does now could be accomplished with the properties window. Otherwise It’s not a big deal to me anymore, I guess I’m used to it.

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Don’t worry brother I’m here for you.

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“having the separate plugins tab”

I tore my hair out over that – you must not use any building plugins. The crap thing about plugins is that they have to be “activated” in order to use mouse/keyboard events (which is ridiculous), and because of this,any building plugins that deal with the selection of parts like CmdUtl and FX3 take over the default ROBLOX select tool whenever you select something with the plugin, so you are required to click on the select tool (default) to get back the default selection tool. If you have a separate tab for plugins, that just adds another unneeded step.

Check out Ctrl 1, 2, 3 shortcuts

Your not alone, I prefer it. The old studio felt to… geeky - with it’s Windows 2000 look a like icons.

I want to have a nice interface while making nice games.

I actually forgot that the new ribbon bar ever came out. I tried it a little when it came out, and quickly switched back.

As for having certain functions like starting up a server right there in the ribbon bar, I just use the hotkeys F6/F7/Alt+F7 for those purposes. I love hotkeys.

RibbonBar just lacks so much that SystemMenu had.