Improve the 'creator' drop-down button on the new creator dashboard

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too confusing to find group games/group places on the new creator dashboard page. When you want to view a group place, you have to click on the button outlined in red in the image below.

This button however has no depth to it to indicate that it is a drop-down button. Only the small arrow to the right is an indicator of this being a drop-down button. The arrow, however, looks more like a circle when looked at from a distance. When I first used this webpage I thought this button was simply a text label showing who you are logged in as, similar to the label in the top right of the page (which has the exact same styling to it).

Another issue is that this button is separated from the grid-view with your place files. It is grouped in a menu with external links and buttons that open different parts of the dashboard. I do not expect the buttons in this menu to change anything about the grid-view. In fact, when I first used this webpage I was looking for a ‘group’ filter of sorts in the area highlighted in red in the image below. It took me a few minutes to realize I was looking in the wrong place.

I would like the content on this page to be re-ordered so that it becomes clearer that the ‘creator’ drop-down button is:

  1. A drop-down button that you can click.
  2. A button that filters the games/places shown in the page’s grid-view.


This is great feedback, thanks for throwing it over. There’s a few tactical things we can do here to address parts of it (thrown these over to the team), and there’s a few areas we’ll dig deeper on to explore how this evolves as we head into the future.