Improve the games/groups list on profiles

I think the group/game list section on profiles could be greatly improved from its current state. It could stand a bit of polishing and some more features.

For starters, the place where the game image is should use a game thumbnail instead of an icon. Right now there’s no point in using the widescreen mode to look through games, because it just has pretty much the same info, plus a couple lines from the description. Also, there’s just a random little ellipsis off to the side? At first I thought it might be used to expand the description but it shows up even when the game has no description. Plus, it gets covered up as soon as you hover over the panel.

Also, there’s sooooo much wasted space. There could be some cool and handy info put here, a ratings bar, play button, etc.When it’s taking up such a large portion of my browser space I expect it do something more than just be a link to the game.

The group panel has similar issues. a bunch of whitespace, very little functionality. Having a small spot for the groups latest wall post might be cool.

Both of them also screw with the background color of transparent images. On any other page an image will get a white background. These pages mess up that consistency, changing the background of the icons blue and green. This means you pretty much can’t use alpha channels/transparency in your image.

Sorry for the hastily made image but I wanted to illustrate some of my points. This part of the profile has been one of the most clunky for me, and I know a lot of users dislike it. However, I think improving its appearance and adding some functionality to it could make it a lot better.