Improve the group search

As a Roblox developer (and general user), it is currently difficult to search through groups efficiently and easily.

What are some of the changes that would be useful?

  • Searching full term before addressing similar terms (this was posted before, but for clarity, I’ve included it here too)
    The ‘Roblox’ group is used as an example here: it should come before the RHS:FC group as the search term only includes ‘Roblox’, and nothing else.

  • Adding a sort by menu (A-Z, members ascending, descending, etc)

  • Adding a filter menu (filter by groups with > 0 members, filter by groups with > 5k members but < 10k members, etc)

  • Skipping to first page, last page or custom page
    Basic example:
    << < Page 1 > >>
    [ Enter page number]

Or similar to this:

If this issue is addressed, it would improve user experience by making the groups section easier to navigate and use.