Improve the visibility of developer resources

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to identify Developer Resources - which includes some the only links for the Studio download, Studio manual on the Wiki, and the Developer Forum on the main website. There are a number of outstanding problems with the Developer Resources box on the Create page that may be making it too difficult for unfamiliar users to locate these resources.


  1. It’s really just isn’t eyecatching. It’s way too small, out-of-the-way, and having linked text instead of buttons is not at all attractive. The Community link even overlaps the bottom of the rectangle on certain browsers.
  2. The links themselves are misleading / easy to misinterpret.
    a. The first one doesn’t say “Download Studio”, it only says “Studio”. I used to have trouble locating the download link because I specifically look for “download”.
    b. “Docs” should be “Studio Manual”, but I think that a link to the Wiki homepage would be more important to have as its own resource.
    c. Why it says “Community” instead of “Developer Forum / Devforum” is completely beyond me.
  3. Although it’s easily accessible where it currently is, it seems odd that Developer Resources would be located under My Creations and Group Creations instead of, as I suggest, its own tab.

I propose that Developer Resources should be its own tab with better link resources, someplace after My Creations and Group Creations. There would be a lot more room for these resources instead of having them so compacted and unnoticeable. I believe it would greatly help engaging more users to create on Roblox if they actually know where to find the resources they need… not just the Create page itself.


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to find resources to help me develop games.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I’d be able to find developer resources and help a lot easier.


The main issue I see is there not being an obvious spot for the DevForum and the ROBLOX Developer Page/ROBLOX Wiki. I just learned a couple days ago that there was a little tab inside the Developer Page that showed me the developer sites. This could become extremely difficult to find, especially if you’re a brand new ROBLOX developer attempting to learn everything.
For anyone who would be wondering, How did you find this site if you just realized that tab was there? I got the ROBLOX Developer sites plus some outside resource sites from a friend.
After ROBLOX removed the Forums from the main site, I thought these types of things besides the Blog Site was gone.

The Dev Tabs

Different Idea

I had a different idea that would make said tabs a lot more organized for it’s topic which is Develop. How about we add tabs on the main tab selection.

  1. It would give more light to the ROBLOX developer resources which in turn would keep people off of outside resources that aren’t trusted by ROBLOX.
  2. If people find these resources easily, like the Blog Tab… it could make people more confident to start developing a proper game.
  3. It would be accessible on all pages at any time

Why the sidebar?

Well, I state that the sidebar should be used instead of another tab itself for these reasons.

  1. The sidebar is used consistently by every ROBLOX player.
  2. As I stated above, it would be accessible on all pages at any time.
  3. As you’ll see below, we know that ROBLOX could add this as it’s shown for the Blog, Merchandise and Gift Card Tabs as they go to links outside of ROBLOX.

Overall, I think adding these tabs would stop some people from going to outside resources that may not be safe nor supported by ROBLOX and help people find ROBLOX resources which in turn would help them develop their games.

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