Improve the visibility of #roblox-surveys

As a Roblox developer it is pretty difficult for surveys to get my attention. Currently, the category is at the bottom, right in between #forum-feedback and #lounge . The majority of people use the forum for updates, help and feedback, resources, and then there is surveys that they might be interested in. Not many people care too much about meta discussion, and #lounge is off-topic to the entire forum, so it doesn’t really make sense to have #roblox-surveys in a less noticeable spot. A good example of the lack of visiblity is the asset manager survey topic, it only has 89 views and 15 likes in 6 hours.

Ideally #roblox-surveys would be in between #updates and #development-discussion, but maybe there is a better place for it or a better thing to do with the entire category in general.

yes some people like me may frequent #forum-feedback however I don’t even check #lounge that often so I don’t really scroll past #forum-feedback so I sometimes miss #roblox-surveys

As a Roblox developer, the Roblox Surveys category currently draws in too little attention in relation to the importance of its topics.

The three subcategories (Betas, Survey Requests, and Focus Group Sign-Ups) are essential avenues for giving Roblox engineers valuable feedback on upcoming features yet receive close to no attention. Take for example the Asset Manager Survey which only received 89 views over a period of 6 hours.

Any solution that works is fine, but I feel as if moving the categories to Announcements may help with visibility as it will:

  1. Alert those who follow Announcements
  2. Appear in the topic list (latest) for Announcements

Thank you.


I support the idea of this topic, but I’m not sure if moving it to the top is the best idea. It would seem out of place.

Since these Surveys are generally asking for feedback of the Roblox platform (i.e. old #platform-feedback, why not place it above or below #feature-requests? Like this:

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Agreed, but I think there’s another thing some people may be leaving out.

I’m watching the first post in all of those categories, similar to #updates:announcements. I highly recommend doing so if you really need to see the latest surveys!

Some people might follow other categories already and don’t want to follow more, or out of personal preference do not want to follow any at all. I personally don’t follow #updates, I just check them myself and I am at most a few hours late to release notes/etc.

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