Improved Roblox Badges

As a Roblox player it is currently impossible to feel rewarded with the badge system that Roblox has in place on its website. Roblox badges have been around for ages now, but nothing has really changed about them. Many badges are out of date, don’t make sense to have anymore, or aren’t rewarding enough. The whole category of “gamer badges” is obselete as Roblox doesn’t display kills or wipeouts on your profile anymore and there are many games that aren’t based on killing or being killed. BC badges, although really cool, feel kinda demeaning because it’s basically telling players “hey you have to pay just to get every badge” which is a little irritating.

Developer badges are not difficult to obtain because it is either to be a recognized Roblox model maker(which is a system that is being replaced soon anyway) or for a low number of visits(100 and 1000). Having something a little more difficult to obtain would be cool and maybe have tiers like how YouTube does it. A different badge for 1k, 10k, 100k, and 1M would be neat. The Inviter and Ambassador badges I don’t mind because they show that a user has done a lot in the past for the platform. The veteran badge is awarded to users who have been on Roblox for over a year. That’s a nice badge to get except Roblox has been around for over 11 years so many users would probably think it’d be cooler to have a 5 year and 10 year badge as well to show off.

Additionally, a better way to display Roblox badges on your profile, or even your avatar icon that appears on the forums and elsewhere, would be a great improvement if a user was allowed to choose one badge to put in the corner of the box their avatar shows in or next to their name or something like that. I just feel like that Roblox badges have a lot of potential that is going to waste with the way they are currently being used.


Any of these boxes would be an acceptable placement for a badge to be displayed.

Edit: Also I forgot to include that to be a little more enticing to users Roblox could also offer certain hats or something for completing sets of badges such as the developer badges. Additionally badges related to playing games(play x games or play n long) and foruming would be a nice add-on for users that don’t develop but are just on the platform to have fun.


A few years ago tiered badges were actually leaked, I think there was about 5 or 6 tiers for a handful of badges plus a few completely new ones (non-tiered)

For some reason, they never came to fruition though. If I could guess they just considered badges to be an outdated feature that most newer users don’t really pay attention to.


more badges, and more uses for them would be awesome.
made mockups shown below;




It’s a good idea, but it just wouldn’t make sense anymore. If this was requested a few years ago then sure, 100% support!

Just in the current state of ROBLOX the badge system is pretty much dead and I don’t see much of a point to bring them back/add more features to them.

I’ve wanted something like this for quite a long time. Absolute support.


roblox badges are still relevant there needs to be a update to them


From what I could tell, the badges included 1M, 2M, 5M visits, etc.

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That’s kind of the whole point of updating a system, is to improve it and draw attention to it once again.


Yo, I’ve had so many ideas for these badges too. The only new badge introduced since badges were initially released is the Endorsed Model one, right? There’s so many features that have come out since then! Off the top of my head, groups, clans, clothing, followers, player points, new forums, and this forum itself, even! So many new ways players could be awarded with badges! They really need to come back. Tiered badges like what another user mentioned earlier was once planned would also be great. Especially for the Bricksmith and Veteran badges.

There could also be badges for tournaments and stuff similar to the trophies that are already given for those. I remember the 2014 Winter Games event DID give out badges as prizes to top winners in each game, but they were player badges that are almost all buried by now.


Support in 100%
This is a great idea, our profiles would looks much better.


I really miss when your profile displayed how many times you did or killed someone. I understand why it was removed but back when i used to play roblox games it really gave me the incentive to go out and play them (although it would favor games that involved pvp)

this is just simply a good idea

it’ll help users display if they’re roblox admins or not (if the badge is right next to their name, it’s easier to find, and if there’s hover box/whatever next to it, it’ll help newer years)

it’ll let users show more personality on their profiles, like maybe they’re proud of their homestead badge, they can proudly display it.

as far as new badges, some were leaked ages ago (years ago), it had multiple year badges (so instead of 1+ they had 1, 2, 3, 5, 10) but it’s definitely needed if this feature is ever going be anything besides a keep stake feature. a good portion of the badges are unobtainable now (kills/ambassador etc)