Improved Roombuild! (Look at older post)

Hi there! Based on what people asked me to do in my other roombuild, I decided to improve the build heavily, and add more details to this new version.

Here is the game:

(Use shift+ p if you want to see the full map, no there aren’t any secrets, and yes, I did make a largened version of the room. Press shift+p to exit the freecam.)

Please reply if there are other things I should work on! I am tuning my building skills as I go!


A massive improvement from the last, but I see some other things I would to point out.

  • Too much blur. I’d turn it down some.
The blur

  • No door and also no proper ceiling.
  • I still think the bed is still kind of short in length.
  • Random R15 dummy by the window

Here is what I did like.

  • Improved lighting
  • More detail in the room
  • Fully enclosed
  • A lot more color from last time
  • Looks so much more better.

Overall, I’d I like where this is going. Still needs a few more tweaks.


Heya! I love what you’ve gotten done here so far, especially with the bookshelves you’ve placed here. Here are a few thoughts on could be improved. In addition to what StrangeShiner has said.

  • Try throwing in a few textures or materials to accompany the realism if we want that.

  • We need more stuff on the walls, maybe throw in some tiles?

  • Maybe work on a roof too?

  • I love that inspirational quote you’ve got there, I’d say to make it more aesthetically pleasing, you could make a frame & for that text to go on.

  • Hey! That also gives us an idea for some paintings 'n stuff to go on the walls.

Ah, by the way, I wasn’t able to use Shift+P, potentially because this feature is only enabled for those with studio access or you’ve got an error somewhere. :man_shrugging:

I look forward to seeing what you get done here, good luck!


I’ll turn down the blur, In studio, it looked much better, not sure why. The R15 dummy is meant to show the original owner of the room, and he’s passed on. I’ll lower the transparency of it, so it looks exactly like a ghost. I’m going to add a door as well, I’ll send some updated pictures of that.

Oh, okay, I didn’t know it was only for people that have access to edit the game. I’ll try and add paintings, but I’m bad at frames, thank you for liking the quote! It was improved, and I might add some tiles or change the material. I left the roof open, as I’m not too sure on how to do a good roof.

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I can definitely see some improvement. It’s looking great in my opinion. Especially the bedroom decoration you’re currently adding such as the shelves, however I got a couple of suggestions that you could improve on your build.

I would try adding some decor on the walls since it’s quite plain I’d would suggest putting some pictures, paintings, posters, clock, etc. Just to make your room feel more lively in my opinion. Another useful addition would be more details on the floor and ceiling. This would include adding detail on the windows. Also, try curtains, it would really help the room have a nice design to it.

You could possibly add some certain details on the floor, including carpet, dresser, small furniture, and more. As well add rays! They’ll immediately improve your build. You could try adding some textures on the floors and walls that has been said above.

Overall, it’s good though.