Improved Save Messages & More

Hello developers,

Continuing the effort started in the December release “Improved Save Experience in Studio!”, we have made additional Save experience improvements that enable you to easily track when and where your work saves. We want to ensure that saving in Studio is effortless, iterative, and worry-free.

“Save shortcut is contextual” feature’s gradual rollout to 100% of users:

In December, we announced the beta feature where Ctrl+S (Cmd+S in Mac) saves the place to the location you last saved to. Thank you all for providing feedback! We have been monitoring the comments and fixing bugs for this feature, and we are now ready to make it generally available.

We will first roll out this change to a percentage of Studio users and slowly increase it to 100% of users by the end of March. The gradual release enables us to keep monitoring for bugs and feedback that we may have missed.

Improved save status messages:

It’s important to understand if your data is saved successfully and where it’s saved. We made the following improvements to the save messages in Studio:

  • The Output window shows the place name and save location after the save is successful (highlighted in blue in the picture below).
  • The Status bar in the lower-left corner shows when a save is in progress and when it’s done. The message states the place name and save location. The status bar message is shown for five seconds (highlighted in red in the picture below).

Save status messages also inform you if you have uncommitted scripts when you save a place. If you have Team Create on and are editing scripts, saving the place doesn’t commit scripts. This prevents you from inadvertently committing incomplete script drafts and messing up the Team Create session, where multiple collaborators may be working. If you have incomplete script drafts when you save the place, the save status shows “Your uncommitted script changes have not been saved."

NOTE: If you have Team Create on and Collaborative Editing off, performing a Save As or Publish As to a new place saves even uncommitted script changes to the new place. In this case, the save status message informs you of this action.

For example, if I save my current game “Golf game” as another game in Roblox called “Golf game v2,” I would see the below message about my uncommitted scripts:

Recent Files is now Recent Games

Under the File menu in Studio, there used to be a “Recent Files” section that only listed local place files that were opened or saved recently. This section has been updated to “Recent Games” and now shows a list of all places that were opened or saved recently, regardless of whether the place is saved locally or in Roblox. If the place is saved in Roblox, a cloud icon appears next to the name. If the place is saved locally, the place name has “.rbxl” appended to it.

Many thanks to yipiokay, Brouhahaha, GeneralTso58, tamtamchu, and SwirlTheNumbers for continuing to improve the save experience!

As always, we are keen to hear your feedback! Please let us know what you think in the comments below.


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This update has given a thousand helping hands when working with testing zones for experiences.

Small but impactful changes are always appreciated! ^v^


Roblox staff casually censoring a macOS username starting with j

Thanks for this rollout! Been using the beta feature for a while and it’s been pretty useful. No longer do I have to remember a ton of different shortcuts / dig around in menus to just save my place.


This is a great feature! I’ve been confused sometimes on where it has saved.

I suggest to improve the experience with Autosaving files. Make the messages more verbose on where they were saved maybe.


Woo, fianlly it’s here!. It’s very very helpful as I can remember if i have uncommitted scripts. Small update but really helpful


I have a suggestion-could you output the current published place version as it’s saved, maybe in parentheses?


This has got to be one of the most useful features you’ve added in ages!

The only thing I would like is if we could have more places on this list and it to show (or have a drop down menu of) sub-places from published games


Good idea. What would you use this for?


The improvement/optimization(s) are awesome, thank you for the updates!


I use this for writing changelog notes that I forward to my update channels (Discord, group shout, Twitter, etc.). My game provides the version number in UI so players can know what version their server is so they can check out new updates. This would be handy because otherwise I have to manually find my game on the website and skip through webpages to find the version number I just published.


Probably this.

And just for the sake of knowing the place version for other niche reasons that I can’t specifically think of but I know there are other possible uses.


I use it in my changelogs personally (as I want to put both my internal game version, as well as Roblox’s “place version”), I have to go through the Asset Manager interface to get this information.

Love these changes though, they’re a lot more verbose. I noticed it earlier today when I published from my dev branch → prod branch when it gave a new message like “published to prod branch, but you are still editing dev branch”. It’s helpful.


Cool, but could there be an api that saves/ publishes your game? I really want to make an auto publish plugin since I keep forgetting to press alt + 4


Mostly what @PeZsmistic and @VGVC2 have said already. Update logs.
Also, it’s just good to know, because of how much I publish to my game lol


can you change the look of the publish fail message?
can be pretty easy to mistake it for a successful publish


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