Improved Version History

developers who spend a lot of time in team creates will come to find that their their place version history is clogged up by thousands of autosaves. it’s a good thing of course, but if you ever have to go back into your version history, this ends up creating a massive hassle. the only way to go through these is to scroll through a list with thousands of entries, or use the obsolete website version history, which has less features and requires clicking on each individual page. this eats up a lot of time, and literally hurts fingers.

version history should therefore be improved to help speed up the workflow of developers who reference previous versions frequently.

some sort of improved process to search through these entries, either by time and/or by version number, or some other metric, would solve a lot of hassle when it comes to this process. maybe a way to tag specific versions? just some way to speed up this process, please.