Improved Visibility of Collaborators in Studio

This is really nice, but theres something I want to point out real quick

Haven’t added a collaborator to a project before? You can easily do so by clicking on the Collaborate button in the top-right corner of Studio.

This area of the Studio UI has increasingly gotten really cluttered, it would be nice to see some visual separation. This is what I clipped together in a couple minutes:


Actually I’d like to suggest a new feature for the team create which is teleporting to other users. When we press on the icon of another user, I can immediately tp to them(just like pressing F when selecting an object). This would be very useful for large games.


Any chance we’ll be able to add specific collaborators in a group game without needing to give the entire rank edit permission in the near future?


hi @extrarius the “Disable Team Create” option has moved to the “…” menu at the bottom-right corner of the Live Collaborator view, just as it was in the Team Create widget.
Can you tell me more about when you experienced data loss in TC? (e.g. was it scripts related, were there any errors/messages, etc.) We’ve made significant improvements here - we’d love to know if this is still happening for you.


hi @HeyYo87 You can jump to where your collaborator is by clicking “Join” by hovering over the user in the Live Collaborator view. This is an existing feature, and you can read more about it here .


Hey @Avallachi ,
thanks for pointing that out. It’d be great if you could post a separate bug thread with this issue, so we can have a dedicated thread for the issue. Does the collaborator eventually show up, or would they show up if you or they rejoin the TC session?


May have already answered this, but I can’t find it, do you guys have plans on developing APIs to get this externally like with OpenCloud?

I loved this new form of collaboration, but it stayed in my Studio for a few days and disappeared, I got confused, but anyway it was well designed and you can really enjoy it and know what each team is doing

Hello creators,

We addressed a bug in this release, which delayed the feature rollout process. We are back to gradually rolling out the feature, and all Studio users will see the changes early May.

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Is this feature supposed to completely disappear when playtesting?

Ignore the background music :sweat_smile: