ImprovedCAD System | Thoughts?

Hi! I made a CAD System about 2 months ago, and I got some negative feedback from many places I posted it, so I decided to completely remake it. So, it’s been 2 months in the works and I am less than halfway done. What is below is what has been done so far. Please give any suggestions and/or feedback. All feedback is appreciated!

Want to watch the progress of the system? Just go here


First concern is the Topbar, when using full screen interfaces, it’s best to enable “IgnoreGuiInset” on the screen gui and disable the Topbar or make the transparency of the Topbar 0.

Second is the password box, if you want to give off a more realistic feel, make the characters turn into circles/asterisks and perhaps add a button to show or hide the characters of the password. Also make the login button turn red when denied.

Third is the menu after logging in, the buttons are stacked in a strange way… perhaps group them in a logical order rather than just throwing them in shaped like a tree.

Fourth is the username box, I think most games who have this kind of feature where you type in the username is a big mistake, there should be an autocomplete system or perhaps when the text box is focused, show a list of active players.

Fifth, it’s overall a professional design, I like how navigation is right in front of you, it’s just a matter of clicks when getting somewhere, but I’d like better instructions when I’ve submitted a segment like “Proceed to … “ or you could remove the side navigation all in all and add a “next” and “previous” button at the bottom of the screen and when the report is complete, there’s a “create new report”.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the excessive use of text boxes, you really don’t need a text box for gender, just create a drop down list and try to apply this in other areas.

Good Job!


That is a wonderfully scripted user interface overall, but let me list some suggestions, shall I?

  • When you login in the screen may have instead of text a simple logo for each one.
  • Animations after clicking any button for e.g the admin button, it could swipe to the panel.
  • It could have some features before clicking on the button so new members could understand.
  • Availability to edit and change their pasword with a personal PIN.
  • The top bar could be different and the curved UI where the button are on could be expanded to the whole screen to be equal.
  • Warnings and everything that comes up could have an animation that pops up too and make it curved instead of a square with a border.
  • Make it all spaced out a little bit more so we know what happens.

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I think this is urgently in need of some transitions or animations between buttons; without them it just seems too static.

I personally think that the interface itself should have a darker theme relying less on solid colours so its easier on the eyes whilst allowing the text to be seen clearly and distinguished from everything else.
I made a quick mock-up of how it could be:

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That is really nice but I do not think ROBLOX would allow you to make a login UI. I found this thread from some years ago and ReeseMcBlox stated that you shouldn’t ask for any login info of any site via a Gui.

Even though the thread was talking about third party login details, I think it is kind of the same case here. Imo you should ask a ROBLOX staff.

If it turns out that you are good to go then make sure your UI is secured. Make sure the password validating is being made in the server and make sure that no login data is being leaked to the client.

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Alright I’ll go down your list of points;

Concern 1; I left the topbar enabled just for now but I am planning on disabling it once the system is done, thank you for the reminder though!

Concern 2; I’ve been trying very hard to get the password to change into a censor, but I just can’t find a way to make it work. As for the login button, I will put that in place!

Concern 3; I stacked the buttons going off the design of OpenCAD, so they’re just shaped that way, I will try out your suggestion though.

Concern 4; I was being lazy at that time and didn’t want to script another select box, but I will do it soon.

Concern 5; I decided to have it be a procedure with many clicks because that’s how a CAD works for real life ( I think? ). As for the proceed to segments, I will try that out!

For the Gender, I will change it to a dropdown.
Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your suggestions! I was thinking of having a simple logo, but I decided not to for now because I don’t really have a replacement logo for now.

I currently have it just go straight to the frame instead of tweening because I didn’t think it’d look too pretty considering the sidebar is inside each of the frames for every dept.

I am planning on allowing the users to change their password once everything is done.

I will look into the top bar and button!

I will try out borders and warnings that pop up, thank you for your suggestion!

I am planning on having an ‘Choose your theme’ option in a setting screen. As for the transitions, I am going to try them out. :slight_smile:

I have gotten many many complaints about the login screen and I just don’t know what to do, because it’s meant for police/roleplay games and if an civilian were to gain access to it, then it’d need a login screen for security. I don’t know another way to do this. Any thoughts?

If the game utilises teams then you could check for the player’s team to see if they are allowed access. If their team is not “police” for example, then it could display an error message.

Good idea! Thank you for your response and I will surely put this in place. :slight_smile:

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That means asking for logins to another site (e.g., your Roblox password), not a fully in-game password system.

Every time the player joins, give them a completely random “Login ID”. Ex: Xb85. Dont ask for the username and make sure the player can view the ID at all times. When opening the CAD ask for the Login ID. (Make the instructions VERY clear on what it’s used for.) Do not store the ID and dont save it so its absolutely unique.

My OCD absolutely cannot stand the edge of the text in the purple sidebar touching the edge.

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