Improvement for studio place selection and the creation of project groups

Background Information

Often when working on projects I will be using multiple places for task such as prototyping, testing or building models all of which could be a mixture of local files, places owned by me, group places and places within a universe.

This however is a headache when it comes down to managing what place is part of what project. Currently studio will show you something similar to the image below.

Proposed Changes

Project Groups
Adding a new tab called “MyProjects” or “Projects” that a user can create their own project groups. Each project group can contain a list of user defined places but not limited to group or user places but a mixture (essentially a file system). Ideally this would also include local project files but I am unsure on the feasibility of this.

I feel that adding this feature or a similar feature in will help developers keep projects in a more manageable state and reduce the time needed looking for place files in general.

Filter Options
Studio includes sorting options but no filter options such as All, local Files, Public, Private ect which again helps developers quickly find the place they wish to work on.