Improvement on low poly style?

Hey! I created this cabin in the woods around three to four weeks ago. I honestly thought it looked good at first, and I thought that it really captured the low poly style, but coming back to it now, I realized it didn’t really look low poly. Additionally, the building was WAY bigger than an actual Roblox character because I didn’t use a dummy for sizing. I decided to remake it. The first two photos are the first attempt, the third photo is the remake. I wanted to see what you guys thought of it, and if there were anything I could add that would make the scenery “pop”





not bad by the way your place looking good the water look clean the lightning look clean aswell and also the cabin look fantastic . you doing a good job but can you ad some thing to the sky like a bird. anyway i like and i love it . excellent job. that it for now i will see you in the next reply.

I really like it! Great work buddy

I see no problem here! Anyways nice job on making that art!

This is really impressive and is very soft to look at, absolutely love the improvement you’ve done, especially the cabin, however there is a couple of suggestions you could consider adding here and there.

Now everything is pretty good, so it’d be nice to see a bit of layering and depth to the whole area. Maybe some grass, like the little cabins you have to add a little bit more. Some flowers and small things to add some color so it’s not all the same general design. I would try placing bits of details on the map make some trees, plants and other vegetation. In the following picture most of the trees are around the same size, and just look copy and pasted around I’ll try making different variety of trees and possibly add some cabins or buildings on the right side of the land.

Some tips I would give is to add some flowers, or anything on the ground to give it a more lively vibe. However, this little scenery you have here looks really improved than the first one you have created I think you nailed the design, but it won’t hurt to add more detail along the map focus on the object you’re building and think of things that go along with that object.

Overall, it’s a very appealing scenery hope to see what you plan on adding.