Improvements To DMCA system

The current state of the DMCA system is incredibly frustrating, especially for creators like myself. I’m constantly faced with the task of filing legitimate DMCA claims against games that use my models without permission, only to be met with inaccurate and false counter notices from the game owners. It’s disheartening to see the system being exploited in this way, making it nearly impossible for creators to protect their work.

The most frustrating part is the lack of accountability. When I try to address the inaccuracies in the counter notices, I’m met with a dismissive response urging me to obtain a court order. However, the reality is that pursuing legal action for something as trivial as a Roblox model is not only financially unfeasible but also incredibly time-consuming.

It’s clear that the DMCA system is in dire need of improvement. There should be more stringent measures in place to prevent false counter notices and hold those who abuse the system accountable. Creators shouldn’t have to jump through hoops and incur exorbitant costs just to protect their intellectual property rights.


Its like if you’re not a big content creator they don’t even bat an eye at your account when it gets terminated for DMCA. Just saw someone get terminated and UNterminated in the same day for the exact same reason I’ve been terminated for the past 7 months. The exact same situation.


This is honestly the worst part to me. It’s almost as if Roblox only cares if it will bring them negative press… surely not…

I know Roblox has never been the most transparent company, but for a company with a multi-billion dollar evaluation this is embarassing. I’ve had better support with smaller companies even when they’re swamped.

Today marks the 40th day since I’ve sent my initial email (I have sent multiple follow-ups), and I have not recieved any confirmation that my assets will even be deleted.

All I hope is that this is actually indicative of coming change, but all I can do is hope it comes before any strikes.


One of the most annoying parts about this situation is that despite my termination I keep getting emails from the Talent Hub saying that i’ve been declined. I can’t turn that off because i cant access my account. Its just a borderline frustrating, irritating situation. I tried opening up another ticket and it was completely ignored. It’s been lingering for 3 days with no human agent responding to it.

I don’t know who to contact, or how long I have to wait, because of how slow and how much of a joke the DMCA agents are. I see other people dealing with this exact situation and because their follower count is higher the website decides to care a little bit more. They posted a few weeks ago about their values and how they Respect the Community but they haven’t shown anybody that thus far.


Its starting to get really suspicious now that both ip_content_removal and the copyright_agent emails haven’t been working for this long…

What is going on? Why is Roblox communicating nothing to the community?


Heya everyone, all these losers have been terminated. You should be able to get access back to your account if you have been falsely DMCA’d by these burner accounts


welp, rip ggs.

Despite the ample proof ive provided they essentially just gave me the middle finger, repeating the message on my termination every ticket I get. So I have no other choice but to file a dangerous Counter-Claim against these things.


They ignored it, its been a full month and they just chose not to acknowledge it.


Sounds like a similar situation that @cpguy5089 went through a while ago


I tried to just email them directly instead of going through the support forum and its much, MUCH worse.

I simply tried to ask them WHAT they meant by “heeding the warnings” and they reply with the same canned response of what I was terminated for, no explanation of the question I had asked, its been the same message for almost nine months now. It really will only take a Roblox staff member to get me unterminated, or for my risky counter claim to be answered by the company that issued it, which is the International Olympic Committee, who is notorious for that sort of thing. Billion dollar company that won’t answer the general public because my subscriber number is low.


If your item didn’t actually infringe on their copyright, submit a counter-claim, nothing else you can do.


Yup, companies like that you need to absolutely steer completely away from.


No branding, no anything. Even anything with the word “Olympic” in a title can get taken down even though its something entirely made by you, even to satirize the idea of copyright, and doesn’t even feature the Olympic rings at all, which is somehow copyrighted.

Short rant about the Olympic Rings being copyrighted btw

I will say that the Olympic Rings have no business being the exclusive copyright of a corporation and should belong in the public domain as part of the common heritage of mankind that any creative person can use as they wish… But I digress. That part of Copyright is something that needs to be reformed in the real world. It may be the issue of our age with digital rights getting more attention. Roblox can’t help us with that here. They’ve positioned themselves to just pass on messages between parties and to acquiesce to claims.

This is why it is so crucial for Roblox to move granting the the ability for any user to archive anything as quickly as possible because the Roblox support system is terrible. We don’t even have a proof of concept yet that the new support system announced two weeks ago even works.
They’re slow, don’t directly answer questions, etc. etc.

So just like some other people you can either submit a counter claim or just keep pressing Roblox Support to help just like other people have.

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