Improvements to Game Search Ranking

Cool update. My problem: You can’t search for a specific game (that’s not popular) and expect to find it as the first result.

Here is what I mean:
chocoblox factory tycoon shows this:

and chocoblox shows this:


The search has improved a lot! Thank you for that!!

One thing I wanted to note about the thread though

“Distinguish between the original and fake

I get what this meant but also wanted to make note that, there can exist more than one type of game that shares a part of a title. For example, games that are direct competitors of one another, or games that share the same idea but executed uniquely.

For example, one game can be Called “Lazer Tag” and another made by some other developer would be called “Lazer Tag: Galaxy” where one would be a normal laser tag game, and the other would take place in outer space and has some unique gameplay differences.

(Don’t think one of those titles exists, but just for an example…)

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The post says this has only been updated on mobile.



I don’t think this is what @brokenVectors meant. He means that since the first thumbnail is a video, it shows up as blank.


That seems like a non-problem and rather a passive aggressive nitpick. You are still getting the appropriate search results you asked for, the fact that these games exist is a different story and should be reported.

I would much rather prefer my searches showing me exactly what I searched for rather than getting completely offkey results. When I search “Adopt Me”, I don’t want to see some obby or shooter game in the search results, it’s irrelevant. What I’m looking for is Adopt Me games and I would hope that the search bar shows them to me.

Scam games, bots and such are a known problem and are being worked on. Better search filtering and improvements to the algorithm are still welcome but this is a decent start. There’s no question about it that in some cases though, there are still improvements to be made.

They were removed back in around 2017. The post with the response from Developer Relations is in the Lounge so I won’t be linking or screenshotting it. Genre sorts are off topic, this thread is about an update to the search feature.


Long awaited update. Heck yeah! Now I wont have to put my life saving gs into sponsorships to get my game recognized.


Hello! This is a great addition but even when you search for ex. MURDER. The Rolve game it still shows Murder Mystery 2. Why?

(yes it’s 11:21 pm where I am, I can not sleep)


Great update, however this has seriously affected the discoverabillity of one of my old games, Branchline Classic.

Because “branchline” is now considerd as a train game term, results such as SCR, Terminal Railways and MTG appear, previously Branchline would appear as the second result, now it appears on the sixth or seventh page

I’m assuming this is connected to the fact that Branchline was never flagged as a railway game even though the terms ‘train’ and ‘simulator’ appear in the description


What query are you using and what’s your game?


This is great, always had problems looking for games and it just being the tag in the description or some “get eaten obby”!

hope catalog is next :thinking:

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My game is 2 Player Evolution Tycoon and the query I am using is “tycoon”. It comes up as the 127th game when you search “tycoon”, even though my game has more players, higher visits, and a better like ratio than many of the games that rank above it.

It is important to note that my game is the 1st result when querying “2 player tycoon”, but it seems to get completely pushed away when it is just “tycoon” (which is likely a more popular search term). There are also other 2 player tycoons with similar game names that place high when using the same search.


This change finally allows for some of my games to appear in search results where they would previously never show up. Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

This is incredible, for one actually, this would make users find original and popular games more easier. This also helped users to track the real version of a game, because sometimes I noticed when we searched up back then, the game called ‘Jailbreak’ it will direct us to a list of games which is actually confusing because we don’t know what game is the original ‘Jailbreak’ because others users sometimes make fake versions of the original game.

Now with this feature, it would really help us to find the popular and original game, because if we will notice the original game being searched up by players, is always based on the original one, now with this update, it would really help users to find the original game more easier.

I appreciate this feature and this update just shows that improvements to the Roblox website would be more helpful and really accessible for most users in the community.

It’s because MM2 has ‘Murder’ in it’s name and it’s popular.

Ofc better than the old one, but I still think the genres is better

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Can you provide more details? Which game and for which search query?

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This is what I see…which game is yours. I see a lot of very relevant games for the user searched query.

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This is a long requested feature, and I’m super happy search is improved again!

However, there are two issues I have still:

  • Searches like “horror” will have some pretty poor results, with a ton of garbage free-model-lands mixed with actual games. The new update improved this, but it’s not fixed.
  • Searches are still filtered sometimes. Why?

It would be this game. It does not appear on desktop regardless of searching “Sinking Ship” or the whole title “Sinking Ship Simulator”. I have not had the opportunity to check other platforms. It’s been shown in the past but for at least three months or so it’s been hidden.

It’s chocoblox, not chocolate… :sweat_smile:

Anyways my game is called Chocoblox (notice that is is blox not late) Factory Tycoon!

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