Improvements to Game Search Ranking

Hey Developers,

We just made a couple of Game Search improvements to help players more effortlessly find the games they’re looking for. Hope you like them! :confetti_ball:

1. Ranking

Game search on mobile and web have been improved further to ensure the most relevant games show up at the top of the search page. Try it out now with searches like “ninja”, “animal”, or “running games”.


2. Game Highlighting

A few months ago, we launched a feature to help users better distinguish between the original game and fake versions when they search for a specific game. We just updated the design on mobile to make the best game for a query even more prominent. Web will be updated soon. Try it out by searching in the Roblox app for your favorite games, such as “Arsenal” or “Bloxburg”.


Check out these changes and let us know what you think. :thought_balloon:

Search and Discovery Team


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Cool update, but when I search for Arsenal it gives me this(this doesn’t happen with other games):
I have asked other people to check if they see this, and they do. I assume it’s because it has a video thumbnail, I think displaying the first thumbnail that’s an image instead would be good.

Edit: Still happening ( 7/23/2020 )
Edit: Still happening ( 8/03/2020 )
Edit: Still happening ( 8/08/2020 )
Edit: Still happening ( 8/31/2020 )
Edit: It’s fixed woohoo! ( 10/19/2020 )


This is such a great feature including people using “tags” to promote their games. I really hate it when random games that don’t really have anything to do with that game is there.


It’s wonderful! My only problem is that it’s not genres.

The consistent issue I have with any game discovery is how difficult it is to find a game I enjoy. Genres are the main way to fix that, and it amazes me that ROBLOX has discontinued that feature.


Absolutely fantastic, this will make games much easier to find with the new ranking system - my game is infact the first search result now!

However on the new game highlighting, I much preferred the older version. It was less in your face than now.


Seems interesting to view at and a great improvement when it comes to searching games, but found some flaws:

I tried searching up a test game of mine called Ban. and I guess it autocorrects to bank, maybe not a flaw but something to point out in the future. :eyes:

Image of the bug:

Some images of this update:


I’m also guessing that games that spam TYCOON or any type of word are still on when you search for a game, kind of sad that it is still here.

Anyway, thanks Roblox!


Thank you for this update, Roblox! The game search feature has always been a bit of a mess, but now it’s been improved, showing closer results, and nicer game highlighting on Roblox.

How amazing. Thanks!


Thank you! :partying_face:

Titanic, Attack on Titan used to have a lot of mix up in the search results!


This is a great step forward with Roblox’s Search Engine. I remember just a few weeks ago I was searching for a game and 70% of the games that popped up weren’t even related to what I searched for.

I am really happy to see updates like this come through. Thank you Roblox!

One thing is that there are still a few random games not related to the keyword when your searching like when you search animal and scroll down a little bit you can see:

In the game Family Blox, the description/title/game has NOTHING to do with animals so…

Other than that, amazing update!


While it’s amazing to see relevance being fixed it appears some games are just completely excluded from the search results? Not sure if it’s because my game is paid access, but it doesn’t show up, regardless of searching up the exact game title. Is there a reason for this? Is there a way I can fix it? This issue causes a loss of revenue.


This is amazing and honestly better than I expected! I remember games like Jerry couldn’t be found, but now it’s fixed! The real game is highlighted nicely.

Speaking of highlighting, when searching “pig”, Piggy should be highlighted, but it’s nowhere to be seen.

Literally there are fake games with “Piggy” in their title, but not the real one.

The system can detect misspelled words, but can’t detect a group of characters within a word, now that’s a little funny.

Something else I’ve noticed:

Again, the real Sharkbite game is not highlighted to stand out.

“shake it off” should return games with that name. I’m sure there are some made by devoted Swifties, but it’s not being shown.

In addition, it’s be cool if we can use quotes to search for something with the exact search term, such as inputting "shake it off". Actually, it returns game with individual words from the search term in their title, but not the entire thing. :thinking:

So, obviously there are some caveats, but I’m liking the improvement! It’s one step towards perfecting game discovery on the platform.
Keep it up, Roblox! :roblox: :roblox_light:


I’m glad to see that Roblox is stepping up their game and working on improving the search engine, however, I would love to see some clarity on how games are selected to be higher than one another on the sort.

It still confuses me as to how games with the same keyword in the title and description as my game land a spot higher up on the sort when my game has higher numbers for practically every statistic. Some transparency in regards to how the games are ranked would be extremely useful.


A way to turn off the auto-correct before the search would be great too, or for the “search instead for” to prompt for the auto-corrected term instead, and the search always being made using the original term.

It gets annoying at times, such as when I searched “Robloxos” it corrected to Roblox which is not what I was going for.

It also converts your text to lowercase no matter what you do, is this intentional? Or was it always there?


Finally, what all players and developers have been wanting throughout these years!


I don’t think this was programmed very well, it still fails to use keywords on some instances.

For instance, I searched rtdf in the game search, and it failed to show up games that contained that keyword.

This is what I’m searching for.

This is what I got.

No results at all.

Game 1 - No Results

Game 2 - No Results

Game 3 - No Results

Please consider putting more time into the “improved” game sort.



Honestly, this changes makes me extremely happy. Better more accurate search results will help smaller and more niche games thrive. This is a great step in the right direction.


This is awesome! Exploring games is going to be a lot easier. New players aren’t going to have to look through and find an actual game rather than lame copies.
However, I did notice that it’s not all fleshed out yet. “Anime High School” still shows up on “animal” search results and inactive games like “wild life: animal” are still showing up. It doesn’t really affect the overall experience though as it’s only around 1-2 games at the top like that. I like it!

what if “wild life: animal” is a secret Roblox admin hangout :eyes:


This is a great update! It will make it so much easier to find games I’m looking for as well as differentiate between the real and fake games! Thank you! :pray: