Improvements to Game Search Ranking

Here: What will you do with it btw?

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This query is now showing the right game for “chocoblox factory tycoon”.


This is working now:


Request for these games please if thats ok:
The Basic Elevator
Jail City

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If possible, can you please also look into my game, which has the same issue?
I released it 10 days ago, yet when searching its name, horse games or games with no players show up instead. Another issue which may be mildly related is that the game does not show up in the games page no matter how many players it has.

How come you guys can’t add this to the Popular page where everything is put in order from most to least players? It used to be like that I don’t know what happened. I’ll be scrolling through and I’ll find a game with 300 players in a section full of games with thousands of players playing.

We released our game a couple days ago, and it already has 400 concurrent players, but it is not showing up in search results *at all* which seems a bit strange. Here's a link to the game:

We’ve tried searching for the words tropical, resort & tycoon, as well as the entire full name of the game, but it simply does not appear. It would be great if someone could take a look! Thanks! :smiley:

EDIT: The game pops up in search now!


@koaffle How is a game classified as the original one? Is there an application to fill out and you review the game or do I have to reach a certain amount of place visits?


Request for you to take a look at my game please? Link

We’ve had 1,100 concurrent at one point, but it’s not showing up at all despite scrolling through 20+ pages of search results.


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Hi @ zooweemama911.

If you could look at our game, that would also be great!

We created a sequel to Cooking Simulator called “Cooking Simulator 2”, and somehow our game does not show up in search. However, some really obvious knockoffs of the original one are showing up!

Here is our game: Cooking Simulator 2

We even paid to sponsor it, thinking that might help us get into search results, but still nothing.

Any help would be appreciated!


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How are they knockoffs? I searched and all the games shown were unique, somewhat related to cooking, and all had more visits and ratings than ‘Cooking Simulator 2’.

There are several Cooking Simulator knockoffs out there which involved grabbing an uncopylocked version of the original game, spending a few minutes slightly modifying it, and slapping it up as a new game.

Our version is a full sequel which is substantially different, with a much bigger usable map.

The knockoff versions have a ton of ratings and visits because they somehow got into the search algorithm, and show up when people look for “Cooking Simulator”.

All I want is for our game to show up in search, as we put a lot of time and effort into this sequel, and there are three different knockoff versions which DO show up in search, and honestly don’t deserve to be there.

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Please could you look at this game. - HQ squirrels Netball
I don’t get many visits, but I would expect it to turn up in a search where I use the exact name ‘hq squirrels netball’ but it doesn’t seem to be in the first fifty or so results.
the url:
To be fair I have a number of games with ‘Netball’ in the title with the same problem. But I think they are similarly ‘non searchable’
** trying not to be paranoid **


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