Improvements to Object Insertion Workflow [Beta]

In what case were they unable to view Welds or UIGradient?


As for Motor6Ds, I will look into getting that changed. Thanks for the request!


Works flawless! Such an amazing feature.

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My bad, those were from the old insert menu sorry!

are you using a mod manager for Studio?

I believe that “Right Click > Insert Object > Click on an option from the menu” is much faster and easier to use. Especially since if I forget what I’m searching for exactly, I’ll have to click the show all button with the new version, and then look around in the list. Changing the position of the “Insert Object” option also seems like a bad idea, because muscle memory.

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I’ve unfortunately decided to disable this and avoid trying to use it in the future for the following reasons:

  • You can’t list all objects (the Ctrl + I keybind is bad UX and does not work)
  • It overall feels less powerful. I like my power tools, I know what I want to insert.

However, I do like the Recommended objects, it’d be appreciated if we could permanently toggle showing all objects, this way we can do more powerful stuff easier.

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Works great so far!

I have 1 issue, and that is when you insert an instance it will not select automatically. I’m very used to that flow and it’s pretty weird to not have it.

Also, not sure if this bug is related to this feature, but I can no longer press a letter to filter through the explorer. For example, pressing P would scroll to the first instance that starts with a P, and after pressing it multiple times it would cycle through additional instances that start with P. This bug only started happening after I enabled this feature and has not gone away, whether it’s on or off.

Otherwise, this feels significantly more efficient and I’m loving it. I know a lot of people have just memorized the position of the instance they need in the context menu, but I find it a lot easier to just type the first few letters of the instance I need and hit enter.

The Selection behavior should be the same as before. If you open up the Insert Object Widget ( shortcut Ctrl+I) , there should be a checkbox at the top which determines if an object is selected after insertion.
I do not believe the bug you mention is related to the feature, but I will file a report for it.

As a further blast to the past, the 2007 insert dialog wasn’t much better!
You had to type in the ClassName you wanted to insert:


Hmm, must have missed that. I’ll double check.


This works great with my workflow; I keep the insert window visible (it’s cozy up there above TC/Game), or right click an object in explorer to have it pop up there too. The Frequently Used is great. Although I never use ClickDetector because I use UserInputService so idk why it’s there



Note: I don’t use ctrl+i, or 3D-view right-click menu, or the (+) quick insert (I kept accidentally clicking the plus; it should be locked to the right or left side of the explorer or something… not keep moving around based on name length)

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Additionally, since the full list is a seperate windowpart, it takes up way more space. I already feel slowed by having to switch between Eplorer, Game, Output, Properties, but now it’s just another mess instead of the way before.

Not a big fan right now, it has slowed down my workflow. However in the long run, maybe it being more streamlined will help?

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I’m not a big fan of how part inserting behaves in certain scenarios.

I use the “Part” button in the Home ribbon to quickly insert parts while building. It’s usually the fastest way for me.


However, one issue I’ve seen lately is that if I already have a part selected and try to insert another part, this happens:

This is especially problematic due to it automatically selecting new parts when you first add them, as seen here:

This has slowed down my workflow because I’ll occasionally look at the explorer to see several parts parented to each other instead of in the Workspace or a model like I’d expect, forcing me to manually reparent them. It’s a minor inconvenience, but an annoying one at that. Other than that, this is a pretty nice update!


I thought about how foolish it is to have the plus button on an object but the item doesnt get added to the object you click plus on, and yiu have to manually find the object in workspace for example. And then add it to the object.

I am totally amazed by how sick roblox is getting, I mean, graphic wise its beginning to compete with unreal engine!

When is update goes live is it going to be optional? Like is there going to be a setting in the settings page for it to be toggled from the new functionality back to the old functionality (which of the time of making this is the current functionality)?

If not that’s my suggestion because I like being able to see every single part that I can insert into and object by just right clicking on it and without having to search for it (which I find kind of annoying).

Bottom line is I would just like to have a complete list of everything that I can insert just by right clicking on it which is how it currently is. With this new change I just find it too hard for me to switch over when I’ve been using the method I explained here for so long.

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I don’t want instances inserted under the currently selected instance sometimes.
I would really appreciate a toggle for this because I keep making this mistake, and it’s a really really long scroll back up to the top of the explorer.



I don’t understand the need to constrain our ability to add objects we want, just now disabling this feature cause I can’t find out how to insert my UI contraints.


I’ve been using this for a while and I like it! Only thing I miss is not being able to scroll and see all the different class types in the plus menu:



@CloneTrooper1019 That is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

@realhigbead @PeZsmistic
Opening up the full Insert Objects menu should present you with this option:

Can you re-enabled and show me what you are seeing? You should still be able to search and find what you are looking for.

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